Who Will Set On the World’s Throne?

Who Will Set On the World’s Throne?

       This life is a carousel of people trying to present and prove themselves over each other. Some people are using their beauty while others are using their intelligence. The combination of beauty and intelligence is commonly rare, it happens once in a blue moon. The one who has got both ,brain and beauty, defiantly has the luck of the draw. Every person has his own strengths and weaknesses, and the good traits definitely speak out about the person in some or other way.It's also a way of giving a first expression to people. A beautiful person with his wrong thoughts cannot excel; similarly, an ugly person with a pleasing soul faces many problems throughout his life to prove himself and his abilities. A beautiful person exerts no effort when proving his deeds because s/he is surrounded by many people who only love his beauty. When we come to  talk about who will set on the world's throne – beauty or brain-, there we go, plenty of points, both with and against the issue. Hope we can switch the light on some.

        Let's first start with the saying: "beautiful eyes are romantic movies that attract all lovers". That means that the beauty which the eyes hold can definitely switch all sights and rule the entire globe with its attraction. Here, I will cool it up with a simple example. If you are shopping somewhere and suddenly your eyes just hit a beautiful person, you’ll directly think to yourself- "oh my god how is this person so beautiful"-. You’ll just do what can't be done to have a little talk with this person. You will think of being friends with this person constantly; although you never thought of how this person's personality would be. One way or another, this person will get the total official attention from you. But sticking to the idea of beauty in our society is like a great debacle. Some people can really attract you when you first see them but when you get to know them; you you realize how cruel their personality is. By time, they'll  get defunct.  If we compare the time it takes you to like a beautiful person and an intelligent one, we’ll find out that beauty paves a faster way to success with its charm and charisma. However, the brain takes time to like it because it’s something abstract. I can't admire the brain of someone from the first sight ,but I might after some time. Beauty implies commitment, and our world today favors appearance and external looks, this is kind of a shame. I am not saying that all people that have the magic of beauty have a cruel soul ,but a psychological study proved that 45 percent of the angel looking people are inner devils. That's why it’s a shame to find a cruel soul followed by a lot of people and a sugary soul kept lonely. The problem is that these followers might regret following this person when his/her inner face is finally uncovered and they realize how ugly it is. 

         The brain is ultimate. Beauty would fade away with time, but the brain is eternal and it gets polished and shines more with time and increasing age. It simply gives us light with the example of that when people grow up their mind gets wider and their experience robes get longer while their beauty thread will be torn. Let me make it more accurate for example: look at the models and the TV stars and how beautiful they are however, by age, they will fade and they will lose a huge percentage of their beauty and what will remain is the brain power. I agree that people's brains become enervated by time, but this starts by the age of 60 and not all people pass by this stage. There are some fit and healthy people who remain with their true mental abilities until the day they die. Have you ever heard about someone who remained with his youth and beauty till the funeral day? The answer is no, except if this person died young. The second thing that proves that the brain can roll over beauty is that your health circumstances can easily affect your beauty. Eating junk food, for example, can turn your skin to be yellowish. A broken tooth can change your smile from a Hollywood smile that everyone wants to see, to make you yourself hate smiling in public. Not getting enough sleep might keep black eye bags and this is a nightmare to all beautiful people. The adverse times are the right ones to judge; the brain lights and lines its way out from the difficult situation, however, beauty gets tugged up into the trouble. This means that if a really pretty person fell into a problem and a smart one did too, the smart one has the map that shows him where the exit corridor and the key are that just makes him or her run out of this trap. Poor this beautiful, his or her beauty won't sake him or her out of here. Their beauty can't lead them to any exits; nor even show them a little sympathy to help them put it back together. Personally, I think the brain craves at this point. If we look around, we will find a lot of relationships that faced success with no beauty but, with intelligence while many relationships ended because it lacks smartness. Like sharing your forever with someone who is smart enough to understand you and solve your problems but they don’t have that sense of beauty is definitely better than sharing it with a beautiful person who can't even understand his own thoughts, and guess what he or she  might be from those 45 percent of devilish souls. Beauty is God’s creation which cannot be made better, whereas, the brain can be developed and enriched by human experience whether it was painful or a joyful experience, but beauty will be stable till the day it totally fades away. Brain power is insecurely powerful that even rewards like Miss World and Miss Universe are won on the basis of their intellect, smartness and also due to their actions toward some circumstances they face, not only beauty.

   Beauty can't be brainy but brainy can be beauty, which means that by the presence of plastic surgeries now a day people with the brain power are easily able to be beautiful by confirming one of those surgeries, or by just applying an extra dose of beauty products or self-care treatments on themselves. Otherwise, beautiful people will never grab brain power ,because it's not something to be bought ,it's not a passion that can be drunk ,and it's not something that can be paid for; so even if hell froze they will never ever gain that brain power.     

      There are some leftover people and lonely people who are very ignored for their lack of outer beauty, though their brain is a treasure. Due to this they get depressed and harm themselves, starve themselves and blame themselves till they die. And what a shame the whole world would stand a second for.

       Beauty and brain need to go hand in hand in humans, that is, no point trying to make a beautiful flower intelligent without being blessed with brain power authority. Beauty doesn't only mean the external appearance of a person it also means the beauty of the soul. The beauty of a person may be his intelligence, and not only by being a star from Mariah. Every person has his own source of beauty that should be respected in all situations,so don’t be a narrow minded person that judges books by their covers without walking through its chapters. Don’t judge a person by his/her look without viewing their inner beauty.

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