What You Decide is What They See

Hundreds of years ago, a baby girl was born. Her parents were were more than excited to meet her , and prepared for her coming day for months, but when this baby was born, their excitement was ripped away. She wasn’t the “beautiful” child her parents wanted. Her hair wasn’t that of a princess, and her face wasn’t that of an enchantress. She opposed every “rule” of beauty people had chosen to put.

When her parents saw her face, they were ashamed and mad at the world that had given them an ugly child. And so, they hid her. They hid her until they realized that they couldn’t hide her forever. They would have to accept their daughter’s appearance ,and teach her that beauty is within. But how could they do that when they didn’t truely believe it themselves?

They raised her with love, but lacked admiration. For years, they hid her from herself as they knew that when she becomes old enough to see her reflection, it would break her heart and shatter it into a million pieces. 

A mirror was their worst enemy ,and their number one opponent who they’d destroy without hesitation.

For many years the child’s parents hid her distorted face from her own self and tried to raise her like a “normal” child. 

As she grew older, she began to notice. She began to notice the wicked stares and shrieks she got from passing villagers, the whispers and giggles from girls her age and how they hurried away when she approached ,and how her grandparents visited once and never visited again, but she never seemed to understand it.

The only forgiving creature was her pig that her parents had bought her for Christmas to protect her from immense loneliness. 

Why a pig?, You might wonder. Her parents thought a pig among other animals almost resembled her among other people. “Ugly” and “unwanted” but the girl never thought so, as she pet her precious ball of cuteness.

Life went on, until one bitter night, when the girl was outside feeding her pig. The winds blew her parents yells to her ears along with the harsh breaking of glass.

She ran to the window and watched as her mother had shattered a mirror.

She walked in, her heart heavy with questions she’d been ignoring for years.


Why no mirrors? Why do people stare? Why do they laugh? Why do they hate? She just wanted to understand, and with a shaking hand she grabbed a piece of a shattered mirror and looked at the reflection.

A reflection that was the opposite of everything a meaningless world had deemed beautiful. A reflection that she despised before she ever saw.

She screamed…She screamed as the image and her mother’s screams pierced her eyes, but nothing was louder than a million thoughts in her head. 

No longer could she see the light, no longer could she see the beauty within that her parents claimed was what mattered. 

If so, why would they hide her? Why would they cry?

And with one final scream, and one final tear, she shattered along with the reflection, into a million pieces, no longer anywhere to be found, and to this day she haunts our every mirror, with the most hurtful thoughts.




Hide yourself.

If only she knew the world’s standards never mattered, if only she knew she should’ve looked inside, if only she knew all what mattered was how she looked at herself ,she would’ve seen the beauty of a million princesses right in her eyes.

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