Sherlock Holmes

As a fellow girl addicted to binge watching, I have watched many series that i loved and hated. One of my amazing series is “Sherlock Holmes” ,which by some mysterious power makes me fond of the character. Holmes has abilities that are almost supernatural: he is the exceptionally talented detective with the most proficient observation that allows him to identify a stranger by just looking into his eyes. As someone who enjoys looking into details, I always found Sherlock as the perfect character to reflect such an ability.

Holmes became obsessed with solving mysterious crimes that he isolated himself from human communication and in not so arrogant but confident way regarded himself superior and different from any human being. He believed in a mind of his own calling it a “mind palace” ,where all his information were stored. It was more of an engine chasing new crimes to solve everday and he seemed to love the chase.

What captivated the wild is how he acts and the way he is portrayed in the series. Not only does he amaze us with his ability to identify someone’s background or the reason behind to seek it, but also with how he connects every piece of information based on just his observation without actual super powers ,which proves that anyone with an indescribable sense of observation like him can come to the same conclusion. As the series goes on, the viewers seems to engage passionately making them not only watch the series once but several times.

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