Power Of Inner Beauty

The majority of the 7 billion people on earth use the word “beautiful” only when describing people’s outer appearances. For example, “She is beautiful because she has blue eyes.“ Most of the people chose to describe a girl “beautiful” only according to how she looks , and not to her personality. Why don’t we say “she has a beautiful personality instead of beautiful eyes?” Or “she’s beautiful inside out.” Simply because, the majority of the people care about looks more than personalities.
So , Why do we have to care about inner beauty more than the outer beauty?
Because outer beauty attracts eyes only, while inner beauty attracts hearts and souls. When you want to befriend someone, will you care about his or her look more than his or her personality?
The answer is no, you won’t. You become friends with people because when you’re around them you feel comfortable , lovely , understandable, and because you have common feelings and thoughts. You don’t choose your friends depending on how stunning they look or how rich they are; instead, you choose them depending on how you both relate and feel when you’re with each other. The well-known quote that says: “Don’t Judge a Book by its cover’’ is a perfect saying that should teach people how to choose their friends and lovers. Because If you judge people by their looks, you will for sure be putting toxic people around you at least once. Some people may look stunning and rich on the outside while their personality is not as stunning as how they look. Some people might look nerdy on the outside ,while they have a golden soul and an amazing personality on the inside. That also explains why we shouldn’t judge people from the rumors we hear about them from far away, instead we should always give everyone a chance and get to know them personally ,because the only way to know if someone is real or not is by interacting with them. I read a book called “losing hope” where the main characters used to hate each other and judge each other because of rumors spread about both of them in school ;but when they decided to know each other more, they matched perfectly and realized how much people like to gossip and lie. This might feel cliche ,by you have to believe in the power of your inner beauty as it’s what makes every individual shine and be unique. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will shine. Don’t doubt your looks ,because all you have to do is to improve your personality.
Quotes will always keep us believe in a better tomorrow so we will end the article with these two quotes : “It doesn’t matter what you look on the outside. It is what’s on the inside that counts. “All that glitters is not gold ’’

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