Whenever you scroll through social media, you will probably find that 80% of the posts are memes. A Meme can be an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users often with slight variations ( according to google ). But the question is why do people start using memes?
The answer is pretty simple because it is funny and you could relate to it easily. Having a sense of humor makes you able to use the perfect meme in the perfect moment.
People use memes to make the situation funny. For example, people use memes in Dark Comedy, a comedy based on a problem of personal or social nature, to make the situation less painful.
For, example, some students always say I will fail in tomorrow’s test
Normal Students be like :

How memes are made is a really important question. You could create your own meme by just connecting a situation that is trendy with a meme from a known movie. Memes are now used as stickers in Whatsapp which made them usable everywhere. There are a lot of meme material sources everywhere around us such as:

  1. When people take a picture sometimes the picture is accidentally taken in a funny pose which they sometimes use it as memes.
  2. Scenes in Comedy Movies , one of the known ways to make a meme. Most of the memes and comics are taken from well known actors like Mohamed Henedy, Mohamed Saad , Adel Emam , Hassan Hosny ,and Ahmed Helmy.
  3. Charismatic people with a good sense of humor have the talent of product very special and funny memes that go viral sometimes. For example, Khaled Mokhtar , Adel Shakal ,and Ahmed El-Kholy have a lot of videos we could use as memes.
    If you have a good sense of humor you could go viral for it.

What’s funny about memes and humor is that it doesn’t get old ever, some trending memes that are commonly used nowadays are taken from movies and shows that were made in the early 2000s.

In the end, we should admit that memes are one of the best things in social media and it adds humor to our lives.

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