Journey to self peace: COMPTON

Raised by an influential man 

Grew up to lead a gang.

These streets change ya

These streets shape ya

These streets make ya

And these streets save ya

These streets are my brethren’s death.

18 and dumb never know about life

Me and my homie just roamin around

For him to fall down, in his back, a knife

No one saw it it was night no crowd.

Trust no one is the only rule

Make one mistake and your blood is the pool.

People here don’t care no more.

The sound of gunshots is what they wake up for.

That police siren is the wake up call 

Leave the street or you’re in the hall.

These streets raised me.

The smell of blood, the screams of moms, the sound of gunshots,

These things dont phase me.

Im the man of these streets until the death of me.

They all on my back they want to get rid of me.

Im the danger and Im the predator.

The only way they’ll ever get me, is when….


Newspaper: The Aztecs Gang leader was found dead yesterday midnight. Police say that they found two gunshots in the back of his head. He died on a notebook which is believed to be his diary. Police tried to read what was written on the sheets put the blood covered it all up. More to come later

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