Da Hany!

Da Hany!

Da hany!!
Sorry ya gama3a bas da hany ya3ni malko mekbreen el mawdoo3 leh?
We all have male best friends and they are really important to us and they represent a very important part in our life and maybe of our everyday. A male best friend will always be a brother that came out of no where, he will be annoying but you will always reach him out for help and you will always want to tell him secret. Since men keep secrets very well, a guy bestie is very good for tea talks.However here is the question: if two people are in a relationship is it ok to have a Hany? This is a big debate and I am asking ladies to calm down and gentlemen to stick to the chairs they are setting on because we are here to talk not to fight!

Some people will not accept a Hany even if hell froze; they won’t accept someone in the middle of everything even if she have known him since forever and that will make problems. she will try to convince him but there will be no way. she then will be in a situation where she won’t be able to cut off with her best friend and at the same time will never want to give up on her relationship. However in that case, some ladies will just go after the theory that “friendship never ends” and choose Hany over her boyfriend because Hany was there when no body else was. And some people will accept Hany because she have known him since long ago maybe even longer than the time she got to know her boyfriend himself, and some other people will accept Hany to be present in her life but with limits and as long as he is trustworthy and gets to know her better. Some people will think accepting Hany or not will depend on his trust in her but let me show you a different angle of the story. Accepting Hany or not depends on whether he trust Hany or he doesn’t because if Hany was trustworthy why wouldn’t he accept him? Ladies….ladies I know some men just don’t accept you dealing with other guys just because the “Concept” doesn’t seem right to them but in this case dump him he is not right for you let’s get back to Hany. Of course leaving your best friend of year for another guy you have known for month isn’t right imagine how many times did you cry and your best friend was there for you and how many time where you in trouble and he guided you through it and no matter how you and your boyfriend are bonding and in love, you will always need a best friend. Whether a male or a female, a best friend is always needed. You see; that’s why you don’t have to cut off with Hany for some other guy no matter how hard you love him, but if you and Hany didn’t have limits, you have to put limits now and by limits I am not saying change your way of dealing or seedy apart I am just saying let’s keep it on set at least to respect the other guy and let him know you respect him. Also, always put yourself in his shoe, if Hany turned into Hania will you accept his Hania without limits? Will you even accept his Hania even with limits like you want him to accept your Hany? What you have to do is to keep limits show respect to the other person and show respect to Hany try not make your best friend feel left out and try not to make your boyfriend feel like Akram. In the case of him not accepting Hany even with limits and respect, then dear that’s not the mindset you deserve that’s not the mentality you should deal with. If you will tell me “this is the man I will be with my whole life and I shouldn’t make him uncomfortable” I will just tell you Imagine being friends with someone for years and years, suddenly she is in a relationship and now she is cutting off with you for someone maybe you are the reason they are even together due to the advices you use to give her. Doesn’t that hurt? It does. Now ladies I remember telling you to put yourself in your boyfriends’ shoe, now I am asking you to put yourself in your best friends’ shoe. If he was the one in a relationship and his girlfriend is not accepting you and he is slowly dragging himself out of your life after years of calling him your bestie and your brother will that hurt? It will…. so let’s not cause pain to any of hour loved ones. Remember Lee and Elle from the Kissing Booth and I consider the Kissing Booth is one of the best movies to describe how life time friendships must go. In the Kissing Booth Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend) didn’t accept Elle being included in everything Lee was in a situation that he was placed between two hells hurting Rachel or hurting Elle his lifetime best friend, his twin. He told her in the first movie that he would give up on Rachel if that what will make her happy, but let’s be clear, this is not the solution. The solution is a couple more lines up if you are reading this. Just keep limits, arrange your priorities, prioritize both but differently and show respect.

Having a Hany in your life is not the problem being no able to deal with Hany in a way that doesn’t hurt him nor affect your relationship with your partner is the problem and if you do this right and your partner is not yet convinced then it’s his problem not yours neither Hany’s. Remember to love and never hurt. 

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