Beauty Standards throughout the history.

Over the past decades, beauty standards have changed drastically, starting from the old Egyptian standards, the oldest of all, until 2020, the most recent ones. Women have been going back an forth through beauty standards trying to get into the ideal body shape to fit into some standard that mostly have been put by men. Get ready to have a quick trip through time to get to

know how our female ancestors looked back at the time.

• Ancient Egyptian:

Ancient Egyptian women were mostly known for their slim high waists, and narrow hips. Dark

long black braided hair was a trait any beautiful woman would be characterized by at the time. Golden, tanned, and bright skintone was the ideal color any attractive woman would have. As for the heavy black eye makeup, kohl, it was mostly applied as a protection from the sun, but soon enough it became the signature look of both women and men.

• Ancient Greek:

As for ancient Greek women, their beauty standards may be considered weird in our current days; unibrows were so in fashion that women would get dark pigment to draw a one in case they were born with naturally good plucked eyebrows. They also considered blonde curly hair beautiful, so women used vinegar, trying to get a lighter hair color. However, they never knew it

might cause hair loss, so wigs were quite common back then. As for long hair, it was considered a very beautiful trait. So only high class rich woman were allowed to keep their hair long. Chubby women were also considered eye pleasing as well.

• Heian Japan:

Another weird beauty standard concerning eyebrows were also initiated in Japan. Women in court would shave off their eyebrows and draw new smudged ones. They also would never cut off their hair as long hair was considered beautiful back then. They would taint their lips and

cheeks red, and their face white. And because their teeth looked so yellow in comparison to their white painted faces, they would paint their teeth black.

• Renaissance:

Long time ago in Italy, men would search for beautiful woman for marriage. As beauty was tied to virtue, the more beautiful a woman is the more virtuous she was thought to be. A chubby woman with a round stomach seemed to be the perfect wife back then as it was thought this

body figure was more ready for mother hood. Other must-haves were strawberry blonde curls and a high forehead. Women at this time bleached their hair and plucked or shaved their hairlines to get this look.

• 18th-Century France: 

As for France, the city of love, woman with oval face and a slight double chin were considered more lucky than others. And yet again curly long hair seemed to preside the beauty standards. Grey, and white faces were so beautiful at the time and women would regularly use heavy makeup to achieve such look; it is said that those makeup products were often made with

poisonous lead and mercury; however women wouldn’t care less. All they wanted to achieve was meet the beauty standards!

• Elizabethan Era:

As queen Elizabeth rose to the throne, new beauty standards started to emerge. Women back at the time took her majesty as a role model in beauty. So beautiful women would usually imitate her style, red lips and cheeks, bright eyes, and fair reddish hair. They also preferred to have thin eyebrows. White skin tone usually was considered a sign of delicacy and nobelty, as usually poor people would work alot in the sun till they get tanned body color. So the more lighter a woman’s skintone is, the more noble she is.

• Victorian Era:

In the Victorian era, a period where alot of feminists would oppose, a fragile weak woman was considered way more feminine and pretty than an independent one. They used to wear corsets in order to get the smallest waist possible. Pale faces with zero freckles or pimples or redness

were considered more into fashion. It was even considered that a woman with tuberculosis was said to be beautiful, as they would get a very pale face and thin fragile bodies. Makeup products

were also considered a taboo. So a if a woman with naturally red lips or cheeks was mistaken for putting makeup, this might cause her a huge scandal back at the day.

• World war one, 1914-1918:

During world war one, where men were sent to military, women got more independence and responsibility as they had to find jobs till men came back. So most women would cut off their hair and imitate men’s style. Small breasts and petite thin body figure was considered more beautiful. Women were also trying to get rid of the Victorian beauty standards.

• The end of world war two, 1945:

By the 50s, the end of world war 2, women started buying more makeup; they even started adapting the small waist fashion. As men returned from battle reclaiming their jobs, women left their work-clothes behind and felt the need (fashion dictated) to be feminine again.

• Old and modern arabs:

As for Arabian beauty standards, they haven’t evolved much. Olive skin, dark hair, big eyes and an hour glass figure are typical features of beautiful women in the Gulf region. Women would usually use kohl to make their eyes look more attractive.

• 2020:

Today, 2020, plump large lips, thick defined eyebrows, small pointed nose, and a curvy body are some traits any beautiful girl would acquire.

After all, as you can see, beauty standards have always been changing ever since the beginning

of creation. As soon as we, women, would get accustomed to a trait, or a characteristic it would get out of fashion and another beauty standard would replace an old one. Stop trying to fit into

a beauty standards that would soon get replaced. Just be comfortable in your own skin, and be yourself. You are the one who set your own beauty standards.

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