A far away life

A far away life

We were under the same stars
when you told me that our
loved ones are always there,
guarding us from the sky.
We were under the same stars
when you showed me your face
for the last time
and uttered your final goodbye.
I‘m sending you this letter
from my world to yours,
from my heart to yours,
hoping that one day,
it might reach you.
I’m sending you this letter
straight from the source,
my words laced with remorse,
until I can finally meet you.
For you, I crossed the oceans;
I traveled the extra mile.
You left long ago, yet stayed in my heart for a while.
I’ll admit, I went with the flow.
I’ll admit, I moved on.
But to you there’s no equal;
I still think about you till dawn.
Your soul left your body,
but your name’s still carved in my heart.
We’ve been like this from the start;
miles away, but never apart.
We had a lot planned for tomorrow,
but tomorrow never came.
Fate, time, or ourselves?
Where shall we put the blame?
It’s only the good memories that count; it’s the only thing I can claim
after god claimed your soul
and put an end to our flame.

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