2020 Rising Stars

Life is a generations game where a generation gives a role to the one after it to provide the youthful touch of talent in the work preformed. It’s such a faithful thing to see the upcoming generation in this great presence. This year in Ramadan there was a huge load of youthfulness in the characters played in many series. Ramadan this year provided a lot of opportunities for the new generation of actors and actresses to shine. The new generation of talents proved itself and its capability to reflect lights on it and to fulfill their scenes.

  Ahmed Dash: 

It’s not Ahmed’s first time to show up in a series of course. There’s been years of him providing great and amazing work, there’s been years of him mastering characters that people loved and still love since his very first time to act. However this year, people noticed that Adel (in ElPrince series) was quite different and special, people noticed that it was Ahmed’s first time to play such a challenging and controversial character yet he has mastered it skillfully. Although acting as a drug addict is not easy; as it requires a lot of body language expressions, acting as a drug addict healing from the poison in his blood is way harder ,because it needs a lot of effort in genuinely conveying the pain that a person like that might be feeling. Yet, this challenge didn’t stop Ahmed from acting the character professionally to convince everyone. Ahmed Dash is a truly creative and artistic star full of youth power , talent ,and passion. This makes everyone assume that Ahmed Dash’s future in being an actor will be glowing and full of art.

Layla Ahmed Zaher: 

Everyone has waited for Layla Zaher who finally came back to the scene after 6 years. Despite the talent in Layla’s family ,and despite that she is the daughter of the great Ahmed Zaher, Layla has a very special technique in acting that people loved this year in her character as Nora (in Elfetewa series) with the great Yasser Galal. Nora’s character was very kind and sensitive which has captured people’s feelings of sympathy and love to her through out the whole series. Some people say that Layla Zaher’s character has been the touch of beauty in Elfetewa. A character like Nora was new to Layla yet, she still mastered it very well. Being out of scene for 6 whole years didn’t affect Layla, instead it increased her skills and passion for acting. The return of Layla Zaher to the scene at this age and with that much charm and as this very special character proved how talented and creative she is. Layla Zaher is one of the special people in the new generation. she will shine bright in scenes for the rest of her future.

Lella Fada:
Lella Fada plays the character (Layla in ElPrince series) . Layla was such an amazing character that everyone fell in love with and with her guitar and singing skills that were breathtaking. It’s Lella’s first time in the scene and she fluently captured people’s attention and love in both singing and acting. The character layla wasn’t easy; layla was a drug addict as well. she acted her character in front of Ahmed dash ,and they made an amazing duo together. Lella Managed to act the character better than required and managed to make people wait for Layla’s scenes in every episode. Many people turned emotional when layla died due to an overdose. However as the series went on, people tended to miss the character layla and her relationship with Adel a lot more than expected. Lella Fada’s first time acting went so successfully which makes it easy for us to assume that she will have an artistic future in both singing and acting.

Hassan Malek: 

Hassan Malek made a huge difference in Ramadan 2020 as many people loved his character as Mazen (in le3bt El Nesyan) which is quite unique. Mazen, a teenager who struggles from diabetes that he got due to a problem in controlling his diet and the food consumed. People found out that Mazen’s problem and struggle with its causes is quite different compared to any other problem that faced a teenager in the Egyptian drama before. Some people were also interested and happy that the series had switched the light on on another problem like that and showed how to deal with it in the teenage years. The love and attachment to Mazen grew day by day and episode by episode from Le3bt El Nesyan fans. Out of the many things that people loved about the character Mazen, his relationship with his father that was quite special and lovely preformed was their favorite . As well as his relationship with Tamara ,his girlfriend. This relationship gained so much attention especially from the teenagers. Hassan Malek’s first time to show on screen was absolutely obsessive and professional. People are interested to see the future of a shining star like Hassan Malek.

    The new generation of actors did a great job in Ramadan 2020 as they had huge opportunities to perform as great characters to help present their talents. Seeing the new generation shining and showing up more obvious will also give teenagers who watch them the confidence to speak their minds and show their talents more. It was amazing to see a lot of new rising stars in this Ramadan and we hope this will continue forever.

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